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Group members:

Group leader

Dr. Chau-Hwang Lee (李超煌)

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Topic : Mechanical properties of cell mimetic lipid vesicles
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Research Assistant



Topic : Interactions between pancreatic cancer cell and pancreatic stromal cells
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Topic : Interaction between focal adhesions and membrane roughness in fibroblasts
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Topic : 3D observation on cellular spheroids
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Ph.D. student

Topic : Interstitial fluid pressure and motility of lung cancer cells
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Topic : Trafficking of dengue virus in live cells
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Master II


Topic : Cell migration controlled by blue light


Topic : Cell-cell communication via membrane tunneling nanotubes


Topic : Membrane bending rigidity of lipid vesicles with multiple components



Master I


New Master Student







  Duration on the Job

       Current Status

Wan-Chen Lin(林宛蓁)

Bachelor Research Assistant

Jul. 1999-Aug. 2001

Ph.D., U.C. Davis, USA; postdoctoral research associate, U.C. Berkeley, USA

Hui-Yu Chiang (江惠瑜)

Bachelor Research Assistant

Jul. 2001-Apr. 2003

Engineer, Qisda Corp., Taiwan.

Hong-Yao Mong(蒙宏堯)

Master Research Assistant

Jul. 2001-Oct. 2004

Research assistant, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Ying-Ja Chen(陳映嘉)

Bachelor Student

Aug. 2001-Aug. 2002

Ph.D., U.C. San Diego, USA

Ting-Wei Chang(張庭瑋)

Master Student

Jul. 2002-Sep. 2003

Engineer, TSMC Ltd., Taiwan

Po-Hsiang Wang(王柏翔)

Master Research Assistant

Aug. 2002-Dec. 2003


Shu-Wei Huang(黃書偉)

Bachelor Student

Jun. 2003-Aug. 2004

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Chia-Hsuan Tsai(蔡佳璇)

Master Research Assistant

Sep. 2003-Oct. 2004


Kai-Wen Kuo(郭開文)

Master Student

Jul. 2003-Jul. 2005

Patent engineer, Walsin Lihwa Corp., Taiwan

Hsin-Huei Chiu(邱歆惠)

Bachelor Research Assistant

Sep. 2004-Mar. 2006


Qiong-Ru Chou(周瓊茹)

Master Student

Jul. 2003-Jul. 2006


Yu-Fen Chang(張瑜芬)

Master Research Assistant

Aug. 2004-Jul. 2006


Hsiao-Chao Chen(陳孝昭) 

Master Research Assistant

Jul. 2005-Dec. 2006

Research assistant, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Yun-Ru Chen(陳韻如) 

Master Student

Aug. 2005-Jul. 2006


Hong-Jhang Jian(簡宏彰)

Master Student

Aug. 2006-Jul. 2007

Engineer, Innolux Corp., Taiwan

Chia-Yun Huang (黃佳韻) Bachelor Research Assistant Jan. 2007-Sep. 2009 Unknown

Feng-Ching Tsai (蔡鳳 卿)

Master Research Assistant

Sep. 2007–Jun. 2009

Ph.D., FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMOLF), the Netherlands

Chien-Hong Chen (陳建宏)

Master Student Aug. 2007-Jul. 2009 Engineer, ASML, Taiwan

Chia-Bin Liang (梁家斌)

Master Student Aug. 2007-Jul. 2009 Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park, USA

Ping-Yu Hsu (許平諭)

Master Student Aug. 2007-Aug. 2009 Ph.D. student, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan

Yi-Lun Kao (高翊倫)

Master Student Aug. 2008-Aug. 2010 Engineer, CTCI Corp., Taiwan

Chun-Chieh Wang (王俊杰)

Ph.D. and Postdoc Jul. 2005-Nov. 2010 Assistant Research Fellow, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan

Tze-Hsuan Liu (劉滋軒)

Master Student Aug. 2009-Dec. 2010 Engineer, AU Optronics Corp., Taiwan

Wei-Liang Lin (林威良)

Master Student Jul. 2009-Aug. 2011 Unknown

Tsi-Hsuan Hsu (許慈軒)

Master and Ph.D. Student Jul. 2005-Aug. 2011 R&D Engineer, AU Optronics Corp., Taiwan

Yu-Wei Tsao (曹育維)

Master Student and Research Assistant Aug. 2007-Aug. 2009; Nov. 2010-Sep. 2011 Unknown

Wei-Yu Yao (姚威宇)

Master Student Jul. 2009-Jan. 2012 Patent engineer, Taiwan Strategics intellectual property office, Taiwan
Yi-Chun Chen(陳怡君) Postdoctoral Research Associate Aug. 2010-May 2012 Assistant Professor, Institute of Imaging and Biomedical Photonics, National Chiao Tung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Jian-Long Xiao (蕭建隆)

PhD Student Aug. 2007-Jan. 2012 R&D Engineer, HC Photonics. Co., Ltd., Taiwan

Ruei-Lin Wang (王瑞麟)

Master Student Aug. 2010-Aug. 2012 Unknown
De-Han Lu (盧德翰) Master Student Aug. 2010-Aug. 2012 Unknown
Chi-An Huang (黃麒安) Master Student Aug. 2010-Jan. 2013 Unknown
Jiun-Wei Huang (黃俊惟) Master Student Aug. 2010-Aug. 2012 Unknown
Yu-Ting Chiu (邱鈺婷) Master Student Aug. 2011-Aug. 2013 Product Manager, Innolux Corp., Taiwan
Yu-Sheng Peng(彭昱升) Master Student Aug. 2011-Aug. 2013 Unknown
Meng-Hua Hsieh(謝孟華) Master Student Aug. 2011-Aug. 2013 Engineer, Leica Biosystems, Taiwan

Rui Xiang (向睿)

Master Student Aug. 2012-Aug. 2014 Unknown

Ting-Chung Chen (陳亭仲)

Master Student Aug. 2012-Aug. 2014 Unknown

Eugene Yujen Lu (盧宥蓁)

Master Student Aug. 2012-Aug. 2014


Chie-Ting Liu (劉婕婷)

Master Student Aug. 2012-Aug. 2014

Engineer, TSMC, Taiwan