Nanophotonics device lab

by Dr. Yun-Chorng (Jeff) Chang

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Welcome to Nanophotonics Device Laboratory (NDL) in the Research Center for Applied Sciences (RCAS), Academia Sinica

In NDL-RCAS, we are devoted to develop Nanophotonics devices that can be applied in different research fields, especially in the areas of green photonics and biosensing. We have developed various nanofabrication techniques that can fabricate large-scale nanostrcutres with low fabrication cost. We hope to bridge the technology gap between the nanoscience research and the common industrial applications.
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Latest News

Iniveted Oral presentations in SPIE Optics and Photonics 2017
Dr. Yun-Chorng Chang will give an invited oral presentations during SPIE Optics and Photonics 2017 held in San Diego. (2015/08/10)
Welcome new NDL-RCAS members!
Miss Chia-Yi Lin and Dr. Bor-Lin Lin have started to work with us starting from 2017/05. Welcome! (2015/05/01)
NDL-RCAS member has moved to a new Position in Singapore
NDL-RCAS member, Dr. Yi-Hsin Chien has moved to a new Post-doc position in Singpoare started in 2017/05/01. Congradulation! (2015/07/24)
NDL-RCAS member enrolled in the Ph.D. program in University of Pennsylvania
NDL-RCAS member, Mr. Chen-Da Ku has enrolled in the Ph.D. program in the department of Physics of University of Pennsylvania started in the summer of 2016. Congradulation!
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Research Assistant/ Post Doc. Position Available

Research area:
* Nanophotonics & Plasmoncs

Selected Publication

Nano-ellipse arrays fabricated by Nanospherical-Lens Lithography

Infra-red and planar chiral metamaterials were fabricated using the modified Nanospherical-Lens Lithography.  The fabricated ellipse arrays exhibit localized surface plasmon resonance in mid-infra-red and are ideal platforms for surface enhanced infra-red absorption (SEIRA).  This method is both high-throughput and low-cost, which is a powerful tool for future infra-red metamaterials applications.

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