Year :2022

[1] Pao-Wen Shao, Meng-Chin Lin, Qian Zhuang, Jiawei Huang, Shi Liu, Hsiao-Wen Chen, Hsiang-Lin Liu, (Yu-Jung Lu), Yung-Jung Hsu, Jyh-Ming Wu, Yi-Chun Chen, and Ying-Hao Chu*
Title : Flexo-phototronic Effect in Centro-symmetric BiVO4 Epitaxial Films
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
[2] Li-Yu Ting, Yves Ira A. Reyes, Bing-Heng Li, Mohamed Hammad Elsayed, J. Ching-Wen Chan, Jayachandran Jayakumar, Chih-Li Chang, Wei-Cheng Lin, (Yu-Jung Lu), Carmine Coluccini, Hsin-Yi Tiffany Chen*, and Ho-Hsiu Chou*
Title : Mechanistic Understanding of Visible-Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution on Pt Sites in Organic Nanohybrids Enhanced with Hydroxyl Additives
ACS Applied Energy Materials
(IF: 4.473; SCIE SCI ranking: 34.8%,34.6%,27.1%)
[3] Zong-Yi Chiao, Yu-Chia Chen, Jia-Wern Chen, Yu-Cheng Chu, Jing-Wei Yang, Tzu-Yu Peng, Wei-Ren Syong, Ho Wai Howard Lee, Shi-Wei Chu, and (Yu-Jung Lu)*
Title : Full-Color Generation Enabled by Refractory Plasmonic Crystals
(IF: 7.491; SCIE SCI ranking: 7.2%,21.4%,14%,11.6%)
[4] Sheng-Zong Chen, Jing-Wei Yang, Tzu-Yu Peng, Yu-Cheng Chu, Ching-Chen Yeh, I-Fan Hu, Swapnil Mhatre, (Yu-Jung Lu)*, and (Chi-Te Liang)*
Title : Disorder-Induced 2D Superconductivity in a NbTiN Film Grown on Si by Ultrahigh-Vacuum Magneton Sputtering
Superconductor Science and Technology
(IF: 3.067; SCIE SCI ranking: 31%,40.6%)
[5] Le Thi Quynh, Chang-Wei Cheng, Chiao-Tzu Huang, Soniya Suganthi Raja, Ragini Mishra, Meng-Ju Yu, (Yu-Jung Lu), and Shangjr Gwo*,
Title : Flexible Plasmonics Using Aluminum and Copper Epitaxial Films on Mica
ACS Nano
(IF: 14.588; SCIE SCI ranking: 6.9%,5.4%,7.9%,9.7%)
[6] Huang Wei-Che, Wei Chin-Dian, Belkin Shimshon, Hsieh Tung-Han, Cheng Ji-Yen
Title : Machine-learning assisted antibiotic detection and categorization using a bacterial sensor array
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
[7] Chih-Li Chang, Wei-Cheng Lin, Li-Yu Ting, Chin-Hsuan Shih, Shih-Yuan Chen, Tse-Fu Huang, Hiroyuki Tateno, Jayachandran Jayakumar, Wen-Yang Jao, Chen-Wei Tai, Che-Yi Chu, Chin-Wen Chen, Chi-Hua Yu, (Yu-Jung Lu), Chi-Chang Hu, Ahmed M. Elewa, Takehisa Mochizuki, and Ho-Hsiu Chou*
Title : Main-Chain Engineering of Polymer Photocatalysts with Hydrophilic Non-Conjugated Segments for Visible-Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution
Nature Communications
(IF: 12.121; SCIE SCI ranking: 8.5%)
[8] Y.-H. Chang, W.-C. Tseng, (C.-C. Kaun), Y.-H. Su, and J.-J. Wu*
Title : Mg2Fe2O5 Nanoparticle-Decorated Ca2Fe2O5-CaFe2O4 Heterostructure for Efficient Photocatalytic CO2 Conversion
(IF: 7.632; SCIE SCI ranking: 5.6%,9.8%,14.1%)
[9] W.-C. Tseng, (C.-C. Kaun),* and Y.-H. Su*
Title : Machine-learning-aided DFT-1/2 calculations for bandgaps of zinc oxide thin films
Thin Solid Films
(IF: 2.03; SCIE SCI ranking: 56.5%,61.9%,52.3%,61.1%)
[10] Hsiang-Yen Liu, Wei-Ya Su, Che-Jia Chang, (Shih-Yen Lin), and Chun-Yuan Huang*
Title : Van der Waals Epitaxy of Thin Gold Films on 2D Material Surfaces for Transparent Electrodes: All-Solution-Processed Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes on Flexible Substrates
(IF: 8.758; SCIE SCI ranking: 10.5%,17.5%)
[11] Y.-J. Huang, (C.-C. Kaun),* and Y.-H. Su*
Title : Density Functional Theory Study of Hydrogen as Reducing Agent of Hematite (\u03b1-Fe2O3) in Ironmaking Process
Thin Solid Films
(IF: 2.03; SCIE SCI ranking: 56.5%,61.9%,52.3%,61.1%)
[12] C.-W. Lee, C.-C. Kuo, C.-J. Liang, H.-J. Pan, C.-N. Shen*, and (C.-H. Lee)*
Title : Effects of the media conditioned by various macrophage subtypes derived from THP-1 cells on tunneling nanotube formation in pancreatic cancer cells
BMC Molecular and Cell Biology
(IF: 0; SCIE SCI ranking: 100%)
[13] Philipp Karl*, Sandra Mennle, Monika Ubl, Mario Hentschel, Philipp Flad,Jing Wei Yang, Tzu-Yu Peng, (Yu-Jung Lu), and Harald Giessen
Title : Tunable infrared high absorbing polarization independent niobium nitride plasmonic perfect absorber nanowire photodetectors
Optical Materials Express
(IF: 3.064; SCIE SCI ranking: 24.7%,41.7%)
[14] Justin Chu, Wen-Tse Yang, Yao-Ting Chang*, (Fu-Liang Yang)*
Title : Visual Reassessment with Flux Interval Plot Configuration af-ter Automatic Classification for Accurate Atrial Fibrillation Detection by Photoplethysmography
(IF: 3.11; SCIE SCI ranking: 23.6%)
[15] Wei\u2010Ru Lu, Wen\u2010Tse Yang, Justin Chu, Tung\u2010Han Hsieh, (Fu\u2010Liang Yang)*
Title : Deduction learning for precise noninvasive measurements of blood glucose with a dozen rounds of data for model training
Scientific Reports
(IF: 3.998; SCIE SCI ranking: 23.9%)
[16] Che-Jia Chang, Po-Cheng Tsai, Wei-Ya Su, Chun-Yuan Huang, Po-Tsung Lee, and (Shih-Yen Lin)*
Title : Layered Graphene Growth Directly on Sapphire Substrates for Applications
ACS Omega
(IF: 2.87; SCIE SCI ranking: 45.8%)
[17] Anisha Mohapatra, Hao-Wen Cheng, Chih-Ang Lin, Kung-Hwa Wei, Yu-Jung Lu, Chih-Hao Lee, and Chih Wei Chu*
Title : Sequential stacking of a thin BHJ layer acting as a morphology regulator for efficiency enhancement in Ternary solar cells
Chemical Engineering Journal
(IF: 10.652; SCIE SCI ranking: 3.8%,2.8%)
[18] I Hong Ho, Ching-Wen Chang, Yen-Lin Chen, Wan-Yu Chang, Ting-Jui Kuo, (Yu-Jung Lu), Shangjr Gwo*, and Hyeyoung Ahn*,
Title : Ultrathin TiN Epitaxial films as Transparent Conductive Electrodes
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
(IF: 8.758; SCIE SCI ranking: 10.5%,17.5%)
[19] Yu\u2011Wei Liu, Dun\u2011Jie Zhang, Po\u2011Cheng Tsai, Chen\u2011Tu Chiang, Wei\u2011Chen Tu and (Shih\u2011Yen Lin)*
Title : Nanometer\u2011thick Copper Films with Low Resistivity Grown on 2D Material Surfaces
(IF: 3.998; SCIE SCI ranking: 23.9%)
[20] Tung Chien-Ting, Lin Hsin-Yu, (Chang Shu-Wei), Wu Chao-Hsin*
Title : Analytical Modeling of Tunnel-Junction Transistor Lasers
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
(IF: 4.917; SCIE SCI ranking: 15%,19.4%,12.4%,29.4%)
[21] Tung Yi-Chung, Wang Chien-Kai, Huang Yung-Kang, Huang Cheng-Kai, Peng Chien-Chung, Patra Bishnubrata, Chen Hung-Kuan, Tsao Po-Nien*, Ling Thai-Yen*
Title : Identifying distinct oxygen diffusivity through type I pneumocyte-like cell layers using microfluidic device
(IF: 5.339; SCIE SCI ranking: 12.8%)
[22] Yi\u2010Tang Tseng, Li\u2010Syuan Lu, Fang\u2010Chun Shen, Che\u2010Hung Wang, Hsin\u2010Ya Sung, Wen\u2010Hao Chang, Wen\u2010Wei Wu
Title : In Situ Atomic\u2010Scale Observation of Monolayer MoS$_2$ Devices under High\u2010Voltage Biasing via Transmission Electron Microscopy
(IF: 11.459; SCIE SCI ranking: 7.3%,9.4%,12.6%,10.1%,6.5%,10.2%)
[23] He Q. F., Wang J. G., Chen H. A., Ding Z. Y., Zhou Z. Q., Xiong L. H., Luan J. H., Pelletier J. M., Qiao J. C., Wang Q., Fan L. L., Ren Y., Zeng Q. S., Liu C. T., (Pao C. W.*), Srolovitz D. J.*, Yang Y.*
Title : A highly distorted ultraelastic chemically complex Elinvar alloy
(IF: 42.779; SCIE SCI ranking: 1.4%)
[24] Lin Hsiang\u2010Ting, Chang Chiao\u2010Yun, Yu Cheng\u2010Li, Lee Andrew Boyi, Gu Shih\u2010Yu, Lu Li\u2010Syuan, Zhang Yu\u2010Wei, Lin Shih\u2010Yen, Chang Wen\u2010Hao, Chang Shu\u2010Wei, (Shih Min\u2010Hsiung*)
Title : Boost Lasing Performances of 2D Semiconductor in a Hybrid Tungsten Diselenide Monolayer/Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots Microcavity Laser
Advanced Optical Materials
(IF: 8.286; SCIE SCI ranking: 11.8%,6.2%)
[25] Chau Yuan-Fong Chou, Chang Hao-En, Huang Po-Sheng, Wu Pin Chieh, Lim Chee Ming, Chiang Li-Ming, Wang Tzyy-Jiann, Chao Chung-Ting Chou, Kao Tsung Sheng, (Shih Min-Hsiung), Chiang Hai-Pang
Title : Enhanced photoluminescence and shortened lifetime of DCJTB by photoinduced metal deposition on a ferroelectric lithography substrate
Scientific Reports
(IF: 3.998; SCIE SCI ranking: 23.9%)
[26] Lin Hsiang-Ting, Hsu Yao-Yu, Cheng Pi-Ju, Wang Wei-Ting, Chang Shu-Wei, (Shih Min-Hsiung*)
Title : In situ tunable circular dichroism of flexible chiral metasurfaces composed of plasmonic nanorod trimers
Nanoscale Advances
[27] James Singh Konthoujam, Ciou Hao-Hsuan, Chang Ya-Hui, Lin Yen-Shou, Lin Hsiang-Ting, Tsai Po-Cheng, Lin Shih-Yen, (Shih Min-Hsiung*), Kuo Hao-Chung*
Title : Optical Mode Tuning of Monolayer Tungsten Diselenide (WSe2) by Integrating with One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal through Exciton\u2013Photon Coupling
(IF: 4.324; SCIE SCI ranking: 40.8%,28.3%)
[28] Chou Chau Yuan-Fong, Chang Hao-En, Huang Po-Sheng, Chieh Wu Pin, Wang Tzyy-Jiann, Chou Chao Chung-Ting, Raziq Rahimi Kooh Muhammad, Kao Tsung Sheng, (Shih Min-Hsiung), Chiang Hai-Pang
Title : Resonant enhancement of photoluminescence from dye molecules in lithium niobate substrate using photoinduced silver deposition with concentration dependence
Results in Physics
(IF: 4.019; SCIE SCI ranking: 29.9%,16.5%)
[29] Langpoklakpam Catherine, Liu An-Chen, Chu Kuo-Hsiung, Hsu Lung-Hsing, Lee Wen-Chung, Chen Shih-Chen, Sun Chia-Wei, (Shih Min-Hsiung), Lee Kung-Yen, Kuo Hao-Chung
Title : Review of Silicon Carbide Processing for Power MOSFET
(IF: 2.404; SCIE SCI ranking: 52.5%,38.5%)
[30] Wang Sheng-Hann, Kuo Chia-Wen, Lo Shu-Cheng, Yeung Wing Kiu, Chang Ting-Wei, Wei Pei-Kuen
Title : Spectral image contrast-based flow digital nanoplasmon-metry for ultrasensitive antibody detection
Journal of Nanobiotechnology
(IF: 6.518; SCIE SCI ranking: 9.6%,29.1%)
[31] Sergei Alexandrov , Yeau-Ren Jeng* , Chih-Yu Kuo, Cheng-Yu Chen
Title : Towards the theoretical/experimental description of the evolution of material properties at frictional interfaces in metal forming processes
(IF: 4.271; SCIE SCI ranking: 13.1%)