Chau-Hwang Lee 李超煌
Research Fellow

Ways to contact me:
Fax: 886-2-27873122
Address: Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica
128 Sec. 2, Academia Rd., Nankang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan



Research Fields:

  • Cell-cell and cell-microenvironment interactions.
  • Super resolution far-field optical microscopy.
  • Differential sectioning microscopy.
  • Mechanical and electrical characteristics of bio-membranes.
  • Laser-assisted micro/nano fabrication.

Recent Publications:

  1. H.‐H. Hou, H.‐J. Pan, W.‐Y. Liao, C.-H. Lee, and C.‐J. Yu, "Autophagy in fibroblasts induced by cigarette smoke extract promotes invasion in lung cancer cells," International Journal of Cancer 147, 2587 (2020).
  2. Y.-C. Kao, Y.-C. Liao, P.-L. Cheng, and C.-H. Lee, "Neurite regrowth stimulation by a red-light spot focused on the neuronal cell soma following blue light-induced retraction," Scientific Reports 9, 18210 (2019).
  3. C.-W. Lee, Y.-L. Chiang, J.-T. Liu, Y.-X. Chen, C.-H. Lee, Y.-L. Chen, and I.-S. Hwang, "Emerging roles of air gases in lipid bilayers," Small 14, 1802133 (2018).
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  6. C.-W. Lee, C.-C. Wang, and C.-H. Lee, "Mechanoprofiling on membranes of living cells with atomic force microscopy and optical nano-profilometry," Advances in Physics: X 2, 608 (2017).
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