Yuh-Jen Cheng 程育人
Associate Research Fellow

Ways to contact me:

Phone:886-2-2787-3186 or 886-3-516-6167
Fax: 886-2787-3122
Address: Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica
128 Sec. 2, Academia Rd., Nankang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan



Research Fields:

  • Nitride light-emitting devices.
  • Photoelectrochemical devices for energy harvesting.
  • Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

Recent Publications:

  1. Chi-Huang Chuang, Yung-Yu Lai, Cheng-Hung Hou, and Yuh-Jen Cheng*, “Annealed Polycrystalline TiO2 Interlayer of the n-Si/TiO2/Ni Photoanode for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting,” ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 3, 4, 3902-3908 (2020).
    [ DOI:10.1021/acsaem.0c00319 ]
  2. Yen-Hsien Yeh, Chi-Huang Chuang, Tzu-Yi Yu, Mei-Chun Liu, and Yuh-Jen Cheng*, “Junction energetics engineering using Ni/NiOx core-shell nanoparticle coating for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting,” Int J Hydrogen Energy 44, 16594-16602 (2019).
    [ DOI:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2019.04.167 ]
  3. Kun-Ching Shen, Chen-Ta Ku, Chieh Hsieh, Hao-Chung Kuo, Yuh-Jen Cheng, and Din Ping Tsai*, “Hyperbolic metacavity laser,” Adv. Mater. 30, 1706918 (2018)
    [ DOI:10.1002/adma.201706918 ]
  4. Kun-Ching Shen, Chiieh Hsieh, Yuh-Jen Cheng, and Din Ping Tsai*, “Giant enhancement of emission efficiency and light directivity by using hyperbolic metacavity on deep-ultraviolet AlGaN emitter,” Nano Energy 45, 353–358 (2018).
    [ DOI:10.1016/j.nanoen.2018.01.020 ]
  5. Yen-Hsien Yeh, Tzu-Yi Yu, Mei-Chun Liu, and Yuh-Jen Cheng,* “Enhanced water splitting performance of GaN photoanode using self-assembled nickel/nickeloxide nanoparticle catalyst,” Int J Hydrogen Energy 42, 27066-27072 (2017)
    [ DOI:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2017.09.108 ]
  6. Chien-Ting Kuo, Lung-Hsing Hsu, Bo-Hsin Huang, Hao-Chung Kuo, Chien-Chung Lin, and Yuh-Jen Cheng,* “Influence of the microstructure geometry of patterned sapphire substrate on the light extraction efficiency of GaN LEDs,” Applied Optics, 55, 7387-7391 (2016). IF: 1.78
    [ DOI:10.1364/AO.55.007387 ]
  7. Yun-Jing Li, Jet-Rung Chang, Shih-Pang Chang, Bo-Wen Lin, Yen-Hsien Yeh, Hao-Chung Kuo, Yuh-Jen Cheng,* Chung-Yen Chang, “Multi-facet microrod light-emitting diode with full visible spectrum emission,” J. Display Technol. 12, 951-956 (2016). IF: 2.24
    [ DOI:10.1109/JDT.2016.2557841 ]
  8. Lung-Hsing Hsu, Chien-Ting Kuo, Jhih-Kai Huang, Shun-Chieh Hsu, Hsin-Ying Lee, Hao-Chung Kuo, Po-Tsung Lee, Yu-Lin Tsai, Yi-Chia Hwang, Chen-Feng Su, Jr-Hau He, Shih-Yen Lin, Yuh-Jen Cheng, and Chien-Chung Lin*, “InN heterojunction photodetector with extended infrared response,” Opt. Exp. 23, 31153 (2015). IF:3.14
    [ DOI:10.1364/OE.23.031150 ]
  9. Yun-Jing Li, Jet-Rung Chang, Shih-Pang Chang, Kuok-Pan Sou, Yuh-Jen Cheng,* Hao-Chung Kuo, and Chun-Yen Chang, “InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-well nanopyramid-on-pillar light-emitting diodes,” App. Phys. Exp. 8, 042101 (2015). IF: 2.27
    [ DOI:10.7567/APEX.8.042101 ]
  10. Ming-Hsuan Tan, Hung-Ruei Tseng, Chien-Ting Kuo, Shun-Chieh Hsu, Yen-Hua Lo, Che-Pin Tsai, Yuh-Jen Cheng, and Chien-Chung Lin*, “Numerical study of a highly efficient solar cell with graded band gap design,” J. J. Appl. Phys, 54, 054301 (2015). IF:1.12
    [ DOI:10.7567/JJAP.54.054301 ]
  11. Minfeng Chen, Yun-Jing Li, Yuh-Jen Cheng,* Yai-Chung Chang, and Chun-Yen Chang, “Resonant modes of 12-fold symmetric defect free photonic quasicrystal,” Opt. Exp. 22, 2007-2012 (2014). IF:3.48
    [ DOI:10.1364/OE.22.002007 ]
  12. Yu-Cheng Hsu, Kuok-Pan Sou, Shih-Pang Chang, Kung-Shu Hsu, M. H. Shih,* Hao-Chung Kuo, Yuh-Jen Cheng, and Chun-Yen Chang, “Room temperature ultraviolet GaN metal-coated nanorod laser”, Appl. Phys. lett., 103, 191102, (2013). (IF: 3.794; SCI ranking: 15.5%)
    [ DOI:10.1063/1.4828997 ]
  13. Shih-Pang Chang, Jet-Rung Chang, Kuok-Pan Sou, Mei-Chun Liu, Yuh-Jen Cheng,* Hao-Chung Kuo, and Chun-Yen Chang, Oct. 2013, “Electrically driven green, olivine, and amber color nanopyramid light emitting diodes”, OPTICS EXPRESS, 21, 23030-23035, (2013). (IF: 3.546; SCI ranking: 4.5%)
    [ DOI:10.1364/OE.21.023030 ]
  14. Wenjing Zhang, Jing-Kai Huang, Chang-Hsiao Chen, Yung-Huang Chang, Yuh-Jen Cheng, Lain-Jong Li, “High-Gain Phototransistors Based on a CVD MoS2 Monolayer,” Adv. Mater. 25, 3456 (2013).( IF: 14.829; SCI ranking: 8.9%)
    [ DOI:10.1002/adma.201301244 ]
  15. J.-R. Chang, S.-P. Chang, Y.-J. Li, Y.-J. Cheng,* K.-P. Sou, J.-K. Huang, H.-C. Kuo, and C.-Y. Chang, “Fabrication and luminescent properties of core-shell InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells on GaN nanopillars,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 261103 (2012).
    [ DOI:10.1063/1.4731629 ]
  16. Shih-Pang Chang, Kuok-Pan Sou, Chieh-Han Chen, Yuh-Jen Cheng,* Ji-Kai Huang, Chung-Hsiang Lin, Hao-Chung Kuo, Chun-Yen Chang, and Wen-Feng Hsieh, “Lasing action in gallium nitride quasicrystal nanorod arrays, ” Opt. Exp. 20, 12457 (2012).
    [ DOI:10.1364/OE.20.012457 ]
  17. S.-P. Chang, Y.-C. Chen, J.-K. Huang, Y.-J. Cheng,* J.-R. Chang, K.-P. Sou, Y.-T. Kang, H.-C. Yang, T.-C. Hsu, H.-C. Kuo, and C.-Y. Chang, “Electrically driven nanopyramid green light emitting diode”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 061106 (2012). Selected for the Feb 20, 2012 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.
    [ DOI:10.1063/1.3681363 ]
  18. Ming-Hua Lo, Yuh-Jen Cheng,* Mei-Chun Liu, Hao-Chung Kuo, and Shing Chung Wang “Lasing at excitonic transition in optically pumped gallium nitride nanopillars,” Opt. Exp. 19, 17960 (2011).
    [ DOI:10.1364/OE.19.017960 ]
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