Combating Obesity: A Menthol Sustained-Release Platform for Inducing Adipocyte Browning

Dr. Yu-Jung Lin and her partners, Prof. Ting Ruan (School of Medicine at Fu Jen Catholic University) and Dr. Chih-Hung Lin (Cathay General Hospital), have developed a dissolving hydrogel capable of sustaining the release of menthol, to transform energy-storing white adipocytes into energy-consuming beige adipocytes, thereby reducing body weight and improving metabolic disorders associated with obesity. Due to its volatile nature and poor water solubility, frequent menthol administrations (M-admin) is necessary to achieve therapeutic concentrations. Our sustained-release platform significantly reduces the frequency of M-admin, and allows the hydrogel to dissolve after releasing its payloads, thus minimizing potential side effects resulting from foreign substances in the body ....

RCAS Researchers demonstrated the first two-photon pumped vortex lasing based on quasi-bound states in the continuum from perovskite metasurface

RCAS researchers, Prof. Yun-Chorng Chang and his Ph.D. student (Mr. Chi-Ching Liu) teamed up with Prof. Hui-Hsing Hsiao from National Taiwan University and have successfully demonstrated the world’s first two photon-pumped vortex lasing from perovskite metasurface based on the bound states in the continuum (BIC), which is currently a hot research topic in Nanophotonics.

Dr. Pao’s Paper is on Journal Nature

With the development of cutting-edge technology, materials science research and development is also changing rapidly. RCAS researcher, Dr. Pao, Chun-Wei, and his international collaborators have successfully developed a new ultraelastic chemically complex alloy by collaborative efforts of theoretical simulations and experiments ....

Dr. Peilin Chen has won the Journal of Materials Chemistry B award at the 2023 Spring MRS Conference

Dr. Peilin Chen has won the Journal of Materials Chemistry Baward at the 2023 Spring MRS Conference by "Design of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Crossing the Blood Brain-Barrier by Modulating Surface Properties."

RCAS Summer Internship Program

RCAS Summer Internship Program was launched on July 3. Director of Summer School, Prof. Yun-Chorng Chang, and Director of RCAS, Prof. Pei-Kuen Wei, gave speeches on the opening ceremony.

Every Monday afternoon, researchers are arranged to give lectures to students. The course will last for seven weeks and a total of fourteen researchers will take turns to lecture. The course will be exciting and wonderful!

Elite Ph.D. Program is Recruiting!

This Elite Ph.D. Program is reviewed and jointly supervised by researchers and teachers from both sides. The research topic must be a research project jointly identified by both sides. The Research Center for Applied Sciences will cooperate with the contracted departments to cultivate excellent doctoral students and train High-level talents of Applied Science Research.