"Interdisciplinary Research Building for Science and Technolify" where RCAS is located

The Research Center of Applied Sciences (RCAS), is a significant research institution within the central research institute.

The establishment of the RCAS was based on the idea of the then President of Academia Sinica, Yuan-Tseh Lee, that "the Central Academy of Sciences should go out into the community," and a consensus was reached after many meetings with academicians of the Mathematics and Science Group, as well as with industrial, governmental, and academic organizations in Taiwan.

Prior to amendments to the Academia Sinica Organic Law, the "Institute for Applied Science and Engineering Research Preparatort Office" was established in 1999. Following the amendment approval in 2003 and subsequent presidential approval, it officially became the "Research Center of Applied Sciences" in 2004.

The center functions as a diverse hub incorporating multiple specialized research centers. It aims to continuously engage outstanding researchers from both internal and external domains, establish large-scale core process laboratories, and conduct significant interdisciplinary research in the future.

Empowering breakthroughs in applied sciences,
with state-of-the-art technology innovation.
Our research covers diverse areas such as materials science, energy technology, environmental science,
life sciences, and information technology, fostering a pool of outstanding talents.
We actively facilitate academia-industry collaboration, transforming research outcomes into practical solutions.
This commitment significantly contributes to advancing Taiwan's technology and industrial development.

The institute emblem was newly revised in the year 2010 and was jointly developed and designed by researchers including Yia-Chung Chang, Pei-Kuen Wei, and Jing-Jong Shyue. The emblem of the RCAS is conceived to utilize the colors red, green, and blue, along with corresponding symbols, to represent its primary research domains:

  • RED symbolizes biomedical applications, represented by a DNA graphic
  • GREEN represents nanotechnology, with the symbol Å (angstrom) as its representative
  • BLUE signifies photon radiation, representing optoelectronic technology

The combination of red, green, and blue forms the word "R"esearch, symbolizing the center's spirit of research. The letter "C" in blue, "A" in green, and "S" in red come together to form the abbreviation RCAS, representing the Research Center of Applied Sciences.