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RCAS.TungLab at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan was established in July, 2009 by Dr. Yi-Chung Tung.  In our lab, we are working on a highly interdisciplinary research topic: Development of Integrated Biomedical Microdevices.  Currently, we are focusing on four major topics:

  1. I.Microfluidic Devices for Cell Culture: Better Control in Cellular Microenvironments.

  2. II.Microfluidic Devices for Cell Analysis: Analyze Small Amount of Cells on Chips Efficiently.

  3. III.Electrofluidic Circuits for Microfluidics: Make Electrical Circuits Using Fluidic Networks.

  4. IV.Novel Micro/Nano Fabrication Techniques: Make Small Things in an Easier Way.

Last Update: 2012/06/06

RCAS.TungLab for Integrated Biomedical Microdevices