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July 9, 2024 Announcement 2024 RCAS Academic Advisory Committee Meeting more navigate_next
July 9, 2024 Announcement Achievements of RCAS 25th Anniversary Activities more navigate_next
Apr 22, 2024 Announcement RCAS holds first laboratory assistant and student exchange meeting (Happy Hour) more navigate_next
Apr 16, 2024 Announcement RCAS 25th Anniversary Conference will be held on June 28th more navigate_next
Apr 10, 2024 Announcement RCAS has signed Elite Scholarship Program MOU with the Department of Biomechatronics Engineering, NTU morenavigate_next
Mar 26, 2024 Announcement Academician Theodore Yaotsu Wu, former Academic Adviser of RCAS, has passed away more navigate_next
Mar 14, 2024 Announcement The website for "OPTIC 2024", organized by RCAS, is now online more navigate_next
Mar 4, 2024 Announcement RCAS Summer Internship Program open for enrollment beginning April 1, 2024 more navigate_next
Dec 14, 2023 Announcement The Junior Scientist Award for this year has successfully concluded more navigate_next
Nov 13, 2023 Report Prof. Yi-Chung Tung participates in AS Automated mRNA Production Platform development, cooperating with Acer on Personalize Cancer Vaccines more navigate_next
Jul 20, 2023 Report Prof. Chih-Yu Kuo will develop the oxygen concentrator with Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Central University and enterprise more navigate_next
Jan 1, 2023 Announcement Dr. Pei-Kuen Wei has been promoted to the position of Director of RCAS
Dec 7, 2022 Announcement The Project Symposium and Poster Paper Competition was rounded off, thanks for your participation
Nov 7, 2022 Announcement Dr. Yu-Jung Lu has been promoted to the position of Associate Research Fellow, effective since October 31
Feb 1, 2022 Announcement Dr. Pei-Kuen Wei has been acting as the Director of RCAS
Nov 2, 2020 Announcement Dr. Wen-Hao Chang has been appointed as a Research Fellow at RCAS and concurrently serves as the Executive Director of the Quantum Optoelectronics Center
Jun 7, 2020 Announcement Dr. Tung-Han Hsieh has been promoted to the position of Research Specialist, effective since June 1
Apr 8, 2020 Announcement Dr. Bi-Chang Chen has been promoted to the position of Associate Research Fellow, effective since April 8