Nanophotonics device lab

by Dr. Yun-Chorng (Jeff) Chang

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The research focuses of NDL at RCAS are:

* Nanophotonics and Plasmonics

* Nanofabrication

* Biosensing


Photonics devices with embeded nanostructures
We will look to enhance the current available photonics devices, such as LEDs, Photodiodes, and solar cells, by encorporating nanostructures in the design of the device.


Metallic nanostructures for various applications
Surface plasmon is a collective electron oscillation that occur only at the interface between dielectric and metal. The concentrated field energy of the surface plasmon waves can leads to several novel applications.


To develop novel nanofabrication methods
In order for the developed nanophotonics devices can be applied for industrial applications, proper nanofabrication methods are very crucial. We will study several different nanofabrication methods to achieve this goals.
1. Nanosphere Lithography
2. Nanospherical-Lens Lithography (click for a magazine article)
3. Nano-Crack Lithography
4. Nano-Stencil Lithography


To develop ultrasensitive Electrical and Optical Biosensing Platforms
Biosensing will be an important research fields in the future aging society. We will look to developed several sensing platforms that can be used to detect key bioagents that are not possible to be detected quickly.
1. Electrical Biosensing (click here for a review article)
2. Optical Biosensing