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Enhancing Photogating Gain in Scalable MoS2 Plasmonic Photodetectors via Resonant Plasmonic Metasurfaces
Figure of Paper
Figure of Paper
Summary of Achievement
The research by Prof. Yu-Jung Lu and her collaborators was recently published in ACS Nano. RCAS researcher Prof. Lu and the international research team (Prof. Vincent Tung and Prof. Deep Jariwala) demonstrate wafer-scale integration of monolayer single-crystal MoS2 photodetectors with a nitride-based resonant plasmonic metasurface to achieve a high detectivity of 2.58 × 1012 Jones with a record-low dark current of 8 pA and long-term stability over 40 days. Upon comparison with control devices, we observe an overall enhancement factor of >100; this can be attributed to the local strong electromagnetic field enhanced photogating effect by the resonant plasmonic metasurface. Considering the compatibility of 2D semiconductors and hafnium nitride with the Si CMOS process and their scalability across wafer sizes, our results facilitate the smooth incorporation of 2D semiconductor-based photodetectors into the fields of quantum information processing, imaging, sensing, and optical communication applications.
Further Reading

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